Toko 4 All

Linnewever 12
2292 JH Wateringen

Phone numbers

Office: 0174 - 270441
Mobile: 06-51898773 (Rowena Zuidwijk-Mange)
Mobile: 06-20767971 (René Zuidwijk)
Fax: 0174 - 270491


Bank and company information

Trading Company: My Little Philippines V.O.F.
Bank account: NL68 RABO 0136 372392
COC-number: 71333649
VAT-number: NL858674099B01
EORI-number: NL858674099

International Transfers

Bank: Rabobank
IBAN: NL68 RABO 0136 372392
Swiftcode(BIC): RABONL2U

Toko 4 All is an online shop for Toko products. Our wide range of products includes mainly Oriental products. We try to offer products from as many different countries as possible. Discover delicious food and drinks items from all over the world at Toko 4 All!