Devices, No TV? No problem

Devices you can use

Be it live, streaming or recorded TV, you get to choose how you watch as well as where you watch. Because it works via the internet, Lyca TV is not limited to just your home. You can view Lyca TV from your office or even while you’re away on holiday – wherever there is a stable internet connection! Lyca TV is available on your Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle Fire devices – giving you greater flexibility and convenience. Lyca TV can also be accessed through your Windows PC or Mac and streaming players such as Roku and Google Chromecast.  

Mobile & Tablets

  • Android Phones & Tablets (Android 4.0 upwards)
  • iPhones & iPads (iOS® 7.0 upwards)

  • Windows 10 Mobile (Windows 10)

  • Amazon Kindle Fire (Amazon Fire HD 7, HD 8 & HD 10 (4th Generation))

  • Windows Surface Pro (All Surface devices)

Smart TV

  • Samsung TV (Smart TV) (On all 2014/15/16 Smart TV models)


  • Windows® PC (Windows versions prior to Windows 10)

  • Mac® (Mac OS® 7 upwards)

  • Windows 10 PC (Windows 10 32bit/64bit)

Streaming Player

  • Amazon Fire TV (On all Amazon Fire TV devices)

  • Roku® (On all Roku® devices)

  • Google® Chromecast (Android™ 4.1/iOS® and higher)

  • Lyca TV Media Box (On all Lyca TV STBs)

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick (On all Amazon Fire TV Sticks)

Gaming Console

  • Xbox Console (Only on Xbox One) COMING SOON!