Dahon Ng Sili

24 Jul 2021

Toko 4 All - Dahon Ng Sili

Dahon Ng Sili are the leaves of the peppers, these are used in various dishes in the Philippine kitchen


17 Jul 2021

Toko 4 All - Chillies

Chillies come in many shapes and sizes. In the Philippines, for example, the well-known Siling Labuyo (bird's eyes chillies), or the common long red or green peppers known under the name Siling Mahaba.


16 Jul 2021

Toko 4 All - Chicharon

Chicharon Nibble Bacon is a delicious snack for in between or in combination with a rice table


16 Jul 2021

Toko 4 All - Chayote

Chayote is an oval light green fruit that is generally eaten as a vegetable.

Caul Fat

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Caul Fat

Caul fat is a white fleece infiltrated with fat veins. It is a membrane that is wrapped around the intestines.


18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Cassava

Cassava or also called Kamoteng is a long, dark brown tuber with rough skin and white flesh.

Salted Black Beans

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Salted Black Beans

Salted black beans are fermented soybeans. Delicious as an ingredient in various dishes.

Bitter Melon

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd, Sopropo or Ampalaya. It is related to the cucumber we all know, but its more bitter than the cucumber.

Bean Sprouts

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts, the germinated green mung bean that is well known to everyone. The seeds can be eaten raw or heated.

Banana Blossom

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Banana Blossom

The banana blossom is the flower of the banana plant and is native to the Andes of Colombia. The banana flower is a large, dark purple-red flower that grows bananas down a bunch.


Bamboo shoot

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Bamboo shoot

The bamboo shoot is the young offshoot of the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a solid type of grass used in Asian countries for many purposes.

Bagoong Paste

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Bagoong Paste

Bagoong is the salty, fermented shrimp or fish paste used as a flavoring  in many filipino dishes.


Asian Eggplant

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Asian Eggplant

Asian eggplant can be easily distinguished by its purple color and his long slender appearance

Annatto Seeds

18 May 2020

Toko 4 All - Annatto Seeds

Annatto seeds also known in the philippines as Annato or Atsuete are used as a natural food coloring.