Important information Corona Crisis

27 Mar 2020

Dear customers,

In this way, we would like to inform you as a customer about what has changed through the Corona measures.

As you know, a lot of people are currently at home. This results in a large increase in orders. We work with heart and soul on all orders, but unfortunately, we can not always provide the service you are used to from us at the moment.

The result of this rush is:

  • We are less accessible by phone
  • E-Mail, Whatsapp and Facebook messages will be answered later
  • Orders may be delayed (so be careful with frozen products)
  • Orders can only be placed online

We would like to ask all customers to take into account the composition of the orders so that we can process your order quickly and easily.

  • Only order products that you really need, do not hoard
  • Try to limit the number of glass products
  • Do not just order Pre-order products, first ask for availability
  •  We advise you not to have frozen products sent due to this moment. possible delays.

Pick & Go

Customers can use the Pick & Go Service

  • Order and pay online
  • Use this code during checkout: sundo
  • Make an appointment to pick up the package
  • We put it outside by appointment for you

Measures Post NL

  • The delivery person does not currently ask for a signature but will sign it himself. They do ask for the last 3 characters of the ID.
  • Deliverers have a longer period to deliver the packages

We would like to thank you for your cooperation, stay safe !!

Toko 4 All Cares!