Pre-Order products information

17 May 2020

Pre-Order Products

Most of our pre-order products are fruits or vegetables that are perishable and have a short shelf life. We can in most cases deliver almost all fruit and vegetables, but we can not have this in stock as we are not a store where you can just go and walk-in. On this information page, we will place the products that can be Pre-ordered. If you need something that is not listed please contact us via the contact page on our website, we can certainly meet your wishes.

Delivery Time

You can order the pre-order product via the contact page or by email We will contact you when it is available and what the expected price and delivery time will be. If you agree, we will complete the order on the site and you will receive an email with the order and an email with a payment request. We can only order the pre-order if it has been paid in advance.


Since pre-order products are often perishable, we can send them by mail, but it is always at the customer's own risk. Make sure you choose a shipping method that is comfortable for you and suits your availability. If the package can not be delivered by PostNL because there is no one home, it may be delivered the next day. This, of course, does not benefit the freshness.


Pre-order products are ordered especially for you. We often can not see on the outside whether a product is good or not. The products will be sent to you, but if a product is not to your liking then we can unfortunately not give any compensation for this product. These items are therefore always at the customer's own risk.

Your Details

We ask you to clearly state the following details in the application on the contact page:

Postal Code:
E-mail address: