Why shipping costs?

2 Jan 2021

We charge shipping costs for sending our packages, but why?

Shipping costs

We sometimes get the question why people have to pay for shipping costs and why not free shipping from e.g. € 40, - as with other websites.

The costs incurred for shipping are unfortunately not free for us either. The packages that are ordered online often consist of many different products that have to be packed by hand and attention. These products are sometimes also fragile and are individually packed by us to send to you as a customer. Packing the packages takes a lot of time and cannot be compared with the other web stores where people often order 1 or maybe 3 items. Our orders sometimes consist of more than 80 articles.

In addition, we would like you as a customer to receive the products properly and we purchase special packaging materials. Many of our products consist of food and here the profit margin is much lower than non-food products that many webshops sell.

Of course, we can also offer you free shipping, but these costs will have to be paid in a different way. What many web shops do is pass on these costs in the sales price of the products. We do not want to cooperate with this as this would not be fair for customers who order a lot. These customers would then pay unnecessary postage costs.

So if you compare us with websites that offer you free shipping for lower rates, you realize that you will eventually pay the difference, but in the product prices or hidden costs.

We think it is important to keep costs fair and transparent.