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Active Energy drink powder 26,4 gr Extra Joss

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Also know as: Extra Joss Active energy drink powder
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Extra Joss
Code: 8993058104818
Content: 6 x 4,4 gr

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Active Energy drink powder from Extra Joss is an instant powder mix for making your own energy drink. Easy and quick to prepare

Active Energy drink powder

This instant energy drink is easy to make and dissolves easily in water. Extra Joss energy powder, sugar-free & no calories. Tired ?, long days and need a boost? Then try this energy boost and go for it. This product is seen as a food supplement in powder form with vitamins and ginseng extract, with sweeteners. It contains caffeine (100 mg per daily dose) and contains a source of phenylalanine. Not recommended for children, pregnant women and people who are sensitive to caffeine and people with hypertension

Recommended use

  • 1-2 bags per day, 1 bag per dosage.
  • Mix 1 bag per dose with 300 ml of cold water or another liquid
  • Net weight: 4.6 grams per bag

Be wise. A healthy lifestyle is important, as well as a varied balanced diet, for which nutritional supplements are no substitute. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep cool, dry and out of reach of young children


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