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Agar Agar Yellow 20 gr Buenas

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Also known as: Agar Agar geel
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Buenas
Code: 4806514650887
Content: 20 gr.

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Agar Agar Yellow is a binder such as gelatin, only with the difference that this is 100% vegetarian. Also available in red color or green color

Agar Agar Yellow

Agar-agar (E406) is a binder that is naturally present in the cell wall of certain types of red algae. By first drying this seaweed and then cooking for a few hours, the binder dissolves in the cooking water. If you allow this cooking liquid to cool off, it will turn into a jelly. This is dried and then the Agar Agar remains as we know it. Dissolved in hot water and then cooled down using agar as a substitute for gelatin. What is the big difference between agar and gelatin? Gelatine is extracted from bones and is therefore not suitable for everyone, while agar-agar is 100% vegetarian. The binding force is twice as large as that of gelatin and agar gel is also less sensitive to changes in acidity.

To use:

It can be used as a binder in soup, or as a vegetarian substitute for gelatine. It can also be used as a laxative.


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