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AI Yu Jelly 540 gr Chin Chin

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Also known as: AI-YU Jelly, Ai-Yu gelee,
Country of origin: Taiwan
Brand: Chin Chin
Code: 4710487018035
Content: 540 gr (19 Oz)

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Ai Yu jelly is a jelly made in Taiwan. Traditionally this is made from liquid extracted from a kind of fig fruit.

AI Yu Jelly

This jelly is a jelly based on a traditional recipe. According to the stories, this jelly got its name because a Taiwanese businessman named the product after his daughter. The businessman had discovered the jelly when he had drunk water from his stream and noticed that it contained jelly. Later it turned out that the jelly was dripping from a tree in which a sort of fig hung, whose seeds gave off a jelly. When he discovered this, he took some jelly from the fruit and served it with honey-lime juice. The snack became so successful that the businessman named the fruit and jelly after his daughter Aiyu. The jelly can be served with honey and lemon juice, but can also be added to sweet drinks or shaved ice. Since the real gel does not dissolve in hot water, it is also often used in hot pots.

Traditional preparation Ai Yu

The Ai Yu seeds are put in a cotton bag and dipped in cold water and rubbed. Here comes a jelly-like gel that is pressed and pinched. After a few minutes, no more jelly comes out and the bag can be disposed of. Sugar is often added to the gel.


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