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All Around sauce 330 gr Lydia's Lechon

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Also know as: All Around Sauce
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Lydia's Lechon
Code: 4806524367317
Content: 330 gram

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All Around sauce mild from Lydia's Lechon is delicious as a sauce with traditional grilled suckling pig dishes, or grilled fish or chicken.

All Around sauce

This sauce is delicious as a sauce with various barbecue or grill dishes. As the name suggests, this all-purpose sauce is suitable for fish, meat or poultry. This sauce is very popular in Asia and is itself packaged as standard with the major fast-food chains such as KFC, MC Donald in the Philippines and elsewhere. This sauce is traditionally used a lot in eating suckling pig.


Lechon is a meat or poultry dish where the animal is filled with a spice mix and baked crispy on the spit. The meat is baked crispy over charcoal. One of the most famous Lechon is Lechon Baboy. Hereby a whole suckling pig is strung on a skewer and cooked over a coal fire. After preparation, the skin is crispy and the meat particularly juicy. A real delicacy.


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