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All purpose cream 250 ml Nestle

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Ook bekend als: All Purpose Cream UHT Precessed Reconstituted cream
Land van herkomst: Filipijnen
Merk: Nestlé
Code: 4800361061322
Inhoud: 250 ml

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All purpose cream from Nestle is a thin dessert milk cream, ideal for the coffee but also to complement your dessert.

All purpose cream

This cream is a thin variant consisting of Cream. Delicious to complement your dessert. This is an unsweetened version.
Condensed, Evaporated, Sweetened Condensed?

There is much confusion about sweetened condensed, regular condensed and evaporated milk. The milk is boiled down so that the percentage of water reduced in the milk and the milk is thicker. With sweetened condensed milk with added sugar still stand, this is also indicated on the label with sweetened condensed milk. With sweetened condensed milk, we are talking about the real thick sweet milk. The evaporated or condensed milk remains normal unsweetened. Cans condensed milk are basically the same as unsweetened milk or coffee milk.


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