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Anchovy Sauce Bagoong Balayan 340 ml Monika

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Also known as: Monika Anchovy Sauce, Bagoong Balayan
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Monika
Code: 022392872058
Content: 340 gr.

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Bagoong Balayan from monika is a fish sauce that should not be missing in Filipino cuisine. Also known as anchovy sauce.

Bagoong Balayan

This is a fish sauce made from fermented anchovies. This sauce is a fish sauce produced according to a traditional recipe from Batangas. The fish sauce is a saline product achieved by partial fermentation of the anchovies. Brown in color and has an interesting fishy odor. The fermentation process consists of storing the fish and salt in earthenware pots. This is stored for 4 to 6 months.
During this process, a special ingredient would be added that makes this process so special, it is rumored that this is a type of wine.
Bagoong is the most used sauce or dip in different cities of Batangas. A favorite dip for Indian mango (another variety of mango) or the unripe green mango. And a common sauce for most food-based fish. It is also used as a salt substitute in Caesar salad dressing and other vegetables. Bagoong is rich in proteins.


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