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Bagoong Guisado Regular 250 gr Pinoys Choice

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Also know as: Ginisang Bagoong Sauteed Shrimp Paste
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand:Pinoy's Choice
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Content: 250 gr (8.81 Oz)


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Bagoong Guisado sweet is a household name in Filipino cuisine. These small shrimps are fried with garlic and onions. This product is widely used in typical Filipino meals.

Bagoong Guisado Sweet

Shrimp pastes have been made in Southeast Asia and South China for centuries. There are, in principle, two forms of shrimp paste: an opaque variant that is called trassi (e) in Indonesia, the Netherlands and Suriname, and a transparent, gelatinous variant that is cold in the Chinese Min Nan language and in Malay and Indonesian petis udang and is called Bagoong in Filipino. The production process of the opaque variety consists of grinding raw shrimp (usually first), after which it is mixed with salt (and sometimes sugar) and then fermented for some time. During or after the fermentation period, it is dried in the sun. Most Indonesian and Malaysian shrimp pastes are then compressed into cakes and possibly further dried. With the Chinese and Thai shrimp pastes, the dried cakes are first ground into a pasty paste before they are sold. In the transparent variant, finely ground shrimp are first mixed with salt, sugar, and flour, after which it is fermented into a paste. This viscous, transparent variant is of course not dried.

This product must be warmed before and serves and must be kept refrigerated after opening and use within 2 weeks.


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