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Bamboo Shoot Tip 454 gr XO

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Also know as: Bamboespruit punt, Pousse de bambou pointe, Bambussprossen spitze, brotes de bambú punta
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: X.O.
Code: 8853085001088
Content: 454 gr (16 Oz)
Drain Weight: 400 gr (14 Oz)

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Bamboo shoot point of X.O. is a vacuum packed bamboo shoot that has already undergone preparation.

Bamboo Shoot Tip

This bamboo sprout is preserved and vacuum. To be used for salads, wok dishes, and oriental snacks. Flush with water before use.

Bamboo Sprout

The bamboo sprout or also called shoot is the young offshoot of the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a sturdy type of grass that is used for many purposes in Asian countries.

Mature bamboo is so strong that it can be used in the construction of houses and boats. The only bamboo that we know here in the Netherlands for hand use is often the rods and fences. Unlike grass and reed that we have here, bamboo has the property that it can store its energy in the roots. The bamboo can then, if the circumstances are ideal, grow explosively above the ground. The shoots are edible and are widely used in Asian cuisine.

The shoots are supplied fresh or cooked. The precooked bamboo shoots are crispy and have an aromatic sweetness. They are easier to use since the fresh bamboo shoots often have to cook for 1 hour before they are ready for use. The canned bamboo is just a little less flavorful and these often have to be rinsed drained before they are used. The Bamboo is canned in the Netherlands, available in pots and vacuum. You can keep fresh bamboo shoots in the fridge. However, do this in the water and change this daily. In this way, the fresh bamboo shoots can certainly be kept for 10 days.


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