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Bapao Steamer 22 cm Diamond Brand

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Also know as:Babao Stoompan
Country of origin:Thailand
Brand:Diamond Brand
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Bapao steamer 22 cm in an aluminum version and its perfect for steaming your own ingredients. It's suitable for bapao but also for steaming fish, vegetables

Bapao Steamer 22 cm

This pan is commonly referred to as bapao steam pan, but of course it is suitable for many more things. For example, you can think of steaming a delicious fish, or steaming your vegetables and preparing (making) of spareribs. By heating the water in the closed pan, there is a moisture heat circulation that ensures that your products keep more color and taste while they are cooked. Of course, the preparation of bapao should not be forgotten as everyone can appreciate it very much today. Also try a steamed cake like the Philippine Puto, a soft cake without fat, but especially delicious in combination with, for example, one of our flavors!

Product details

  • The steamer is made of aluminum and is only suitable for electric cooking plates and gas pits.
  • The bottom (Water reservoir) has a height of approximately 10 cm
  • The pan consists of 2 steam layers and each layer is approximately 7 cm high
  • The steam layers have round holes with a diameter of about 1 cm
  • You should do not use the dish in the dishwasher as there is a side that becomes black because of the chemical activity of the washing powders on the aluminum
  • This steamer has a size of (L x W x H) 22 x 22 x 31 cm

How to use

  • Fill the steamer with water (not to the maximum height)
  • Place the steamer on the heat source
  • Place your steamed product in or on aluminum foil or grease-free paper
    Steam your vegetable, fish or other ingredients cooked by recipe


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