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Bay Leaves 10 gr Maussi Kruiden

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Also known as: Bay Leaves, laurier
Country of origin: Europa
Brand: Maussi kruiden
Code: 8716666002006
Content: 10 gr

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Bay leaves, an essential ingredient in the kitchen. Delicious if you going to make your own broth or stew

Bay Leaves

Bay leaf comes from the Laurel plant. These leaves are commonly used as a spice in the kitchen. Bay leaf can be about 5 cm long and are usually dried. In our kitchen, they are often used for stews and soups. The bay leaf have to be cooked or stewed and has to be removed before eating. The leaves gives a distinct flavor but is it self can not to be eaten because the leaves remain hard. If you are going to use Laurel you have in most cases to 2 or 3 leaves enough.