Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Bilao Tampah Basket 30 cm Manila

Bilao Tampah Basket 30 cm Manila

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Also known as: Bilao Tampah mand
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Manila
Content: 1 pcs. (approx. Ø 30 cm )

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Bilao Tampah Basket is a woven bamboo basket available in different sizes. Nice to use to present your own food.

Bilao Tampah Basket

This basket is traditionally an item used in the washing and sorting of rice. The baskets are made of woven bamboo and are available in different sizes. Nowadays, these baskets are used more as a presentation at buffets, but also presentable when you have visitors and you want to present delicious desserts or homemade fried rice. In that case, use a piece of banana leaf to not make the basket unnecessarily dirty and also for hygiene. This basket has a diameter of approximately 30 cm and is approximately 1.5 cm high, but since this is a handmade product, this can always differ slightly.