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Bitter melon in Brine 540 gr Aroy D

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Also know as: Bitter Melon in sap, comcombre maer en saumure, bittere melone in salzigem aufgub
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: Aroy-D
Code: 016229005191
Content: 540 gr
Drain Weight: 280 gr

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Bitter melon on juice from Aroy D is a ready-made preserved bitter melon, ready for use in your oriental dishes.

Bitter melon in Brine

Bitter melon is a small green cucumber species with wrinkled skin and a typical bitter taste. Before cooking, it should normally be rubbed with salt and allowed to stand for an hour to reduce bitterness, after which the salt is then rinsed. Bitter melon is a nutrient-rich vegetable. It controls the blood sugar level. The skin is edible, but the spongy interior and seeds must be removed. When it is ripe, it becomes bitter, the skin becomes yellower and the seeds turn red. It is difficult to find a replacement for its distinct taste. Fresh, frozen, canned, and bottled bitter melon is available in some stores. In our webshop, bitter melon preserved in a can of juice is available.


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