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Black Hair Shampoo 10 x 25 ml Veinira

€ 17,50

Also known as: Haarkleur shampoo zwart
Country of origin: China
Brand: Veinira
Code: 6013940384349
Content: 10 x 25 ml

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Black Hair Shampoo is a hair color shampoo made without ammonia and other harsh chemicals.

Black Hair Shampoo

This hair color shampoo is a shampoo that gives a beautiful black color and is made without ammonia or other harsh chemicals. The formula is made up of a special selection of herbal ingredients. It repairs and rejuvenates the hair.

What makes the product so special:

  • Made from natural ingredients;
  • No Ammonia;
  • No adhesion to your skin, only to your hair;
  • 1 bag of solution for perfect dosing;
  • No more wastage;
  • Both for women and men;
  • 3 years after purchase;
  • 30 days of beautiful and shiny hair;
  • Low price, if not the lowest price per color treatment

What's in the box:

  • 10 sachets of 25ml. This contains both the color shampoo and the developer.
  • Sealed packaging
  • 10 pairs of gloves

In 5 easy steps to perfectly beautiful, shiny hair.

  1. Rinse your hair with warm water
  2. Dry your hair. Do this so that they still feel slightly moist
  3. Open the bag and mix the contents of both parts together
  4. Put on the gloves and apply the shampoo to your hair. Keep kneading for at least 5 to 15 minutes, for an even better effect and deeper shine
  5. Wash the shampoo out of your hair after 5 minutes


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