Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Bowl from Capiz pink with dots 85 x 50 mm

Bowl from Capiz pink with dots 85 x 50 mm

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Also known as: Kom van Capiz roze met stippen 85 x 50 mm
Country of origin: Philippines
Code: PHKIN82367
Content: 10 cm

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Bowl from Capiz pink with dots. A beautifully shaped product that is made with love in the Philippines and is very beautiful to put on the table.

Bowl from Capiz pink with dots

Capiz is fairly flat translucent shell found in large quantities in the sea around the Philippines. The cleaned shells are softened and applied on a mold using paper maché technique, laminated and decorated. Small cooperatives in Laguna produce the products, under supervision of Ye Shin's family company


Mother of pearl, also called mother-of-pearl or in Filipino Capiz, is an oyster-like shell called Placuns Placenta. These shells are also popularly called pearl oysters. The capiz shell has a translucent character and is often used in the Philippines for windows and lamps. The shells do not belong to protected marine animals, so they can also be fished legally. In addition to being used for windows and lamps, these shells are also widely used in art objects. By keeping the shells moist after the catch, you can shape the shells slightly before pouring resin over them. The shells are made up of several superimposed layers. The thickness of the layers can differ per mollusk group. The real mother-of-pearl may be used as glass for windows, but it is much more sensitive to breakage. It is also a lot cheaper than glass.


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