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Boy Bawang Cracker Nuts 100 gr KSK

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Also know as: Boy Bawang Cracker Nuts
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: KSK Food Products
Code: 4800631000419
Content: 100 gr (3,54 Oz)

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Boy Bawang Cracker Nuts from KSK is a cocktail nut variety with a light garlic flavor. Nice and crispy and slightly different ..

Boy Bawang Cracker Nuts

Boy Bawang is a snack from the Philippines that now has a wide variety of flavors. For example, there are the normal corn garlic snacks with various flavors such as the Adobo and Lechon Manok or the Barbecue. For a while, the range has been expanded with a crispy variety with corn/garlic filling. Now there is also a nut version that is crispy on the outside and has a peanut on the inside. Great as a snack on a birthday or when you sit at home on the couch with a movie or your favorite television show. Enjoy the many flavors, I am sure you will like this new variant.


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