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Brownies Kukus cake mix 400 gr Pondan

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Also known as: Brownies Kukus : Steam Brownies Mix
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Pondan
Code: 8992786200205
Content: 400 gr.

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Brownies Kukus

Brownies is a famous rich chocolate cake. Now PONDAN presents Steamed Brownies Mix for easy and quick serving brownies for your beloved family.

Ingredient :

Wheat flour
Corn Starch
Skim milk powder
Emulsifier (E471, E472b, E477)
Baking powder
Cocoa powder
Chocolate flavour
Food colour:
Brilliant blue (E 133)
Sunset Yellow (FCF E 110)
Tartrazin (E 102)

Tips :
If desired, you can add 1½ tablespoons rhum into the batter at the 4th step.

How to make :

PUT Chocolate block, margarine & butter altogether in a bowl then melt them on a boiled water mediation.

HEAT UP steamer until water is boiled.

BEAT eggs at high speed for 3 minutes until foamy.

ADD PONDAN Steam Brownies cake mix, then beat at high speed for 4 minutes until mixture is thick. ADD cooled melted chocolate butter into the mixture then mix them well until even using wooden spatula.

I. Grease all sides and bottom of pan with margarine. POUR 1/3 part of mixture into 20x20 cm square pan then steam it for 10 minutes.
II. POUR the other 2/3 part of mixture onto cooked cake then steam it again for another 25 minutes until done.

Your Brownies is done when tooth pick inserted in center comes out clean.
CUT steamed Brownies as desired. Ready to serve.