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Bulalo Instant Noodle Soup 70 gr Lucky Me

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Also know as: Bulalo Instant Noodle Soup
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Lucky Me
Code: 4807770191183
Content: 60 gr.

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Bulalo Instant noodles soup is a delicious soup in an easy to use cup where you only have to add hot water.

Bulalo Instant Noodle Soup

This instant cup noodle soup from Bulalo is a easy to prepare soup. Just boil water, pour on the noodles. Just enjoy this beef broth with an aroma of the shank with marrow.

What is Bulalo?

Bulalo is a traditional Filipino soup dish made of a shank with marrow. That this traditional dish is not the healthiest food that comes from the fact that the dish has a high marrow content. Because of this, it is not the healthiest soup for people who have to pay attention to calories and their cholesterol. This is also the difference between bulalo and nilagang baka. Nilagang baka has not processed any marrow in the recipe. If you are among the lucky ones who do not have to pay attention to his diet, you can certainly enjoy this dish. Bulalo is one of the best dishes the Philippines has to offer. The broth is rich in taste because of the cooking of the bones and the marrow. This is a dish that occurs in the chicest restaurants in the Philippines.

How to prepare:

  1. Bring the water to a boil
  2. Pull the lid slightly open and pour boiling water on the noodles to the specified size on the cup
  3. Close the lid again and allow it to retract


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