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Bumbu Satai Padang seasoning mix 100 gr Munik

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Also know as: Bumbu Satai Padang kruiden mix
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Munik
Code: 8994196700436
Content: 100 gr.

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Bumbu Satai Padang spice mix is a ready-to-use spice mix to make satay padang. Easy and quick to prepare.

Bumbu Satai Padang seasoning mix

Satay padang is a satay specialty from the Minangkabau kitchen. The satay is usually made from beef that is cut into small cubes, but sometimes chicken, goat or lamb/mutton are also used. The characteristic thick yellow spicy sauce is traditionally made from rice flour, stock, turmeric, ginger and garlic, coriander, galangal, cumin. You will be spared all this effort with this delicious spice mix that is not only practical but also tasty and easy. This mix does not need to be baked or supplemented with other seasonings.

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 500 gr beef
  • 500 gr mix of internal organs of the cow (liver, tongue, heart)
  • 2 liters of water, to cook the beef
  • 1 packet of rice flour (included in box). mix with a little water
  • 1 bag of munik satay padang-style herbs
  • 2 stalks turmeric leaves (optional)

Cooking Direction:

  1. Separate munik instant spice into 2 parts (equal amount). The first part of the seasoning is for the lubrication of beef and organs. The second is for the gravy
  2. Boil beef and mix the internal organs of the cow
  3. Cook over low heat until cooked (let water stand about 600 cc water), remove and drain well
  4. Beef sliced and mix of organ meats in a cube shape, then rub the first part with munik satay padang instant spices, mix well
  5. Punch the sliced beef and mix the organ meat into a skewer (3-4 pieces), grill briefly and remove
  6. For gravy: mix the second part of the spices and the rice flour with the liquid water, add the turmeric leaves and mix well. Cook till it boils
  7. Serve satay padang with the gravy

Good for 35 sticks


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