Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Bumbu Sate marinade mix 45 gr Lucullus

Bumbu Sate marinade mix 45 gr Lucullus

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Ook bekend als: Boemboe Sate Marinade mix
Land van herkomst: Europe
Merk: Lucullus
Inhoud: 45 gr

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Boemboe Sate Marinade mix is a delicious herbal blend that, together with soy sauce, is a perfect marinade for your own satay.

Bumbu Sate marinade mix

Luccullus' Boemboe marinade is a balanced herbal blend to serve an even tastier satay. Try it quickly and surprise your family members with a delicious satay. This marinade mix is great to use in combination with your lamb, pork, beef, or chicken meat.

Preparation method

  • Cut your meat into pieces that are not too large, the best size is dice large, but this is according to your own idea.
  • Mix the 1/3 part Satay mix and 2/3 part soy sauce for the perfect marinade.
  • Mix the meat with the marinade and let it soak for 24 hours


Onion, laos (galanga), jienten (cumin), ketoembar (coriander), garlic, djahe (ginger), chillies.


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