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Cacao powder 250 gr Coco Wonder

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Also know as: Cacao poeder
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: CocoWonder
Content: 250 gr

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Cacao powder from Coco Wonder is a raw and strong powder that contains only 25 - 30% fat.

Cacao powder

Coco Wonder is a supplier of various beautiful pure products from the Philippines. This also applies to this beautiful cocoa product with an intense cacao taste, vegan, and gluten-free but high fiber content. This product is not fermented and does not contain any artificial additives. Very suitable for making hot cocoa drinks and smoothies or cakes and pastries. Store at room temperature.

Coco Wonder

Cocowonder is specialized in processing coconuts into a wide variety of absolute quality products. The company collaborates with groups of farmers in organic farming and sustainability. It has 2 smaller production facilities in the south of Luzon. Cocowonder supports farmers in implementing sustainable oriented methods in organic agriculture. It has thus achieved a better income for farmers and employment in the countryside.


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