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Calamansi fruit soda 330 ml Zest-O

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Also known as: Kalamansi Drank, Calamansi Juice Drink, Boire Du Jus Calamansi
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Zest-O
Code: 4804888901284
Content: 330 ml (1 1.2 fl Oz)

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Calamansi juice from Zest-O is a juice made from small lime like fruits named Calamansi

Calamansi Juice

Also called or Calamondin Kalamansi. This drink is a source of Vitamin C and is not made of concentrate. This drink is tasty fresh flavor and is best drunk chilled. This product contains carbon dioxide.


Also known as the Calamondin fruit. The plant 2 t/m 7.5 meters in height. The leaves are broad-oval and shine on the top. The fruits are spherical in shape and round up to 5 cm wide. The skin is green and looks a bit like the lime we know only a bit smaller. The flesh is very juicy and sour taste. The fruit is used in the Filipino kitchen with a lot of dishes, especially with several fish dishes. Calamansi is used a lot in soft drinks or fruit juices.