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Calamansi Powder 96 gr Juan

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Also known as: Calamansi powder, philippine lemon
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Juan
Code: 4806529980009
Content: 96 gr (48 x 2 gr) (3.39 Oz)

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Calamansi powder from Juan is an unsweetened powder variant of the calamansi fruit. Perfect to use in marinades, soy sauces and stews

Calamansi Powder

Calamansi, also written as Kalamansi is known as the Philippine lemon or lime. The fruit is an indispensable ingredient in various Filipino dishes. However, the fruit is hard to get fresh and, of course, perishable. With this powder variant you will never go wrong and you will always have the taste of Calamansi within reach. The powder is unsweetened and can be used perfectly in stews, marinades, but also to make drinks, such as calamansi tea.


Also known as the Calamondin fruit. The plant can reach a height of 2 to 7.5 meters. The leaves are broad-ovate and glossy on top. The fruits are round to spherical and up to 5 cm wide. The skin is green and looks a bit like the lime we know, only slightly smaller. The flesh is very juicy and has a sour taste. The fruit is used in many dishes in the Philippine cuisine, especially with various fish dishes. Various soft drinks or fruit juices and extracts are also available from the Calamansi fruit.

How to use:

  • Open 1 bag
  • Put these in a bowl
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cold or warm water and mix well.

Tips for use:

  • As a dip, add it to soy sauce and dip your fish, meat, chicken in the sauce
  • As a marinade, spread it on your meat, chicken, or seafood and let it soak overnight
  • As a drink, use 2-3 sachets and mix with cold or warm water and dissolve well


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