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Cane Vinegar 350 ml Mama sita's

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Also known as: Rietsuiker, Zuckerrohressig, vinaigre de canne, suikerriet
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Mama Sita's
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Content: 1 ltr


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Cane Vinegar or Cane Vinegar is a light-colored vinegar with a natural acidity of 4.5%. For use as a marinade or for seasoning.

Cane Vinegar

Pure and clear, Mama Sita's Distilled Cane Vinegar is great for preserving and cooking for its delicate aroma and taste. Vinegar is obtained by fermenting vegetable sugars into alcohol and then bringing it into contact with oxygen and bacteria. This process creates an acetic acid. This can have a strength of 4 to 15%. Vinegar can be made from different fruits, grains, vegetables. Sugar cane vinegar is made from the natural molecules of the sugar cane plant. This can result in an amber-colored vinegar. The vinegar from sugar cane is mild and malty in taste. The vinegar is not sweeter than other kinds of vinegar.

Sugarcane vinegar

Sugarcane vinegar is obtained by carefully collecting the sugarcane. The sugar cane must be peeled to release the sugars. The fresh stems are crushed so that the juices can flow out and be collected. The liquid is boiled and a thick syrup with a high sugar content is formed. This liquid undergoes a two-fold fermentation whereby the sugar is first converted into alcohol and then into acetic acid. Depending on the strength, it is then prepared with water. In the Philippines, sugarcane vinegar is best known as "sukang iloko" and is used for many diverse recipes in the Filipino kitchen.


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