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Cassava Crackers 250 gr Nesia Food

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Also known as: Cassave Crackers, Casava, kroepoek Singkong
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Nesia Food
Code: 8927122888182
Content: 250 gr.

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Cassava crackers for self-baking. These delicious crackers are slightly spicy and fun to bake yourself. Mmmm delicious fresh ...

Cassava Crackers

The cassava crackers are raw and have to be baked off. This is not a problem in itself and very nice to do. The cassava has a size of approximately 3 x 4 cm in unbaked form.


Cassava also called Manioc is a root tuber of the Manihot Esculenta. The plant contains a lot of starch and is particularly nutritious. Cassava flour is gluten-free and can replace wheat flour. Tapioca and fufu are made from the cassava root flour are very starchy. The leaves of the cassava plant are prepared in some countries as spinach. In the Netherlands, you can buy the root tubers in the supermarkets or as with us as a shop. The cassava root can be harvested throughout the year. The roots and tubers contain a lot of starch and sugar. Since the root undergoes a rapid chemical change after the harvest, the harvest must be processed within 2 days.

Preparation method

  • Heat your oil in a pan, this only needs to be a small layer of 3 to 5 cm.
  • Carefully place the crackers in the hot oil, wait until it is completely unfolded and then remove it immediately.
  • Put the crackers on kitchen paper to let the fat in.

Pay attention! watch out for dropping the crackers in the hot oil and do not do too much. Make sure you get the same after the expansion. The krupuk only becomes crispy when it is on the kitchen paper.


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