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Cassava Syrup 250 ml Flower Brand

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Also known as: Cassava Syrup. maniok zuckersirup, manioc sirop de sucre, casave, casava
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Flower Brand
Code: 8710161014212
Content: 250 ml

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Cassava syrup is a natural liquid sweetener made from the root of the cassava plant and is an excellent alternative to sugar.

Cassava Syrup

Cassava syrup is a natural liquid sweetener made from the root of the cassava plant. It is an excellent alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Use it to sweeten your drinks or as a sugar replacement in your favorite recipes.


Cassava or cassava is an edible root tuber. In tropical countries, the cassava root is an important part of the eating pattern. The cassava is a very nutritious product in itself, but when raw contains the toxic hydrogen cyanide in the form of glycosides. The content may vary per cassava, but it is wise to always cook it before use. In Africa, the cassava is often processed into porridge made from the dried cassava. The cassava root is a crop that can be harvested throughout the year. This makes it a great product to absorb food scarcity in areas where other crops cannot be harvested in a certain period. The roots and tubers are rich in starch and sugar.


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