Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Cast iron Wok 36 cm Lucullus

Cast iron Wok 36 cm Lucullus

€ 56,95

Also known as: Gietijzeren Wok 36 cm
Country of origin: China
Brand: Lucullus
Code: 8718819163176
Content: 1 pcs.

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Cast iron Wok with a diameter of approximately 36 cm. This wok is nicely executed with a red enameled coating.

Cast iron Wok

This wok and wadjan is handcrafted in a pre-formed sand mold with a temperature of approximately 1350 ° C. This gives the pan its unique cooking and property to cook very hot.

Length in cm (CU) : 36
Width in cm (CU) : 42,0 (including handles)
Height in cm (CU) : 14,0 (including handles)

How to use:

  • Clean the wok with water and detergent
  • Then rinse well and ready for use
  • First-time burn-in is not necessary
  • Greasing is also unnecessary

Suitable for gas, electricity, halogen, ceramic, induction