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Ceramic fire liquid 1 liter Lef Cooking

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Also known as: Keramische brandvloeistof
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: LEF Cooking
Code: 3526
Content: 1 Liter

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Ceramic fire cooking liquid Lef is the perfect combination for the refillable burner Lef Cooking for shafing dishes

Ceramic fire liquid

This fire fluid is the ideal combination for your own refillable burners Lef Cooking. The liquid is odorless, soot-free, economical, safe and clean. The perfect way to permanently keep your warm shaving dishes. The idea is simple, the execution very efficient and the results are impressive. The fuel has a much hotter flame, thus more yield per filling. There are excreted harmful substances during the combustion process and that is better for your health and your guests. Since you never need to throw fuel away you are much cheaper compared like normal pasta burners.