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Cheese Chiffon Cake Mix 400 gr Pondan

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Ook bekend als: Cheese Chiffon Cake Mix
Land van herkomst: Indonesië
Merk: Pondan
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Inhoud: 400 gr

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Cheese Chiffon cake mix from Pondan, one of the newest chiffon cake mix from Indonesia. The combination of cheese and cake is really a delicacy.

Cheese Chiffon Cake Mix

Cheese Chiffon cake mix is one of the mixes from Pondan. Easy to use and the result is a wonderfully soft Chiffon cake. The mixes of Pondan Chiffon are also available in the flavors of pandan, vanilla and chocolate.


  • 1 pack of chiffon cake mix
  • 7 Medium eggs (400 gr)
  • 3 tablespoons water (30 ml)
  • 150 cc melted margarine

Preparation method

  1. Heat the oven to 170º C (hot air oven 160º C.). Beat the eggs for 3 minutes until they are creamy.
  2. Add the Cheese Chiffon Cake mix, then beat for ± 8 minutes until the cake batter is smooth and thick.
  3. Add the cheese powder and beat on the highest setting for 1 minute until smooth.
  4. Then add the melted margarine, mix well with a wooden spatula.
  5. Spread a chiffon cake mold (26 cm. Diameter) with margarine.
  6. Bake the cake for 60 minutes. Let it stand for ± 10 minutes.
  7. Take the cake out of the tin, ready to serve.



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