Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Chitato Mi Goreng Chips 55 gr Indomie

Chitato Mi Goreng Chips 55 gr Indomie

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Also know as: Chitato Mi Goreng Chips
Country of origin: Indonesia
Code: 089686599077
Content: 55 gr ( 2.12 Oz)

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Chitato Mi Goreng Potato Chips is a deliciously spicy potato chips with the aroma of fried noodles.

Chitato Mi Goreng Chips

These chips are 100% made from potatoes. The crispy ribs and the delicious spicy Mi Goreng flavor make it even better. Heat the taste buds with a tasty treat! Give them an exciting burst of spicy Mi Goreng herbs and all this with Chitato chips. Made from 100% fresh potatoes, these large ribbed sliced chips are so tasty that you will keep coming back.


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