Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Coconut wrap 8 x 8 cm 91 gr Coco Wonder
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Coconut wrap 8 x 8 cm 91 gr Coco Wonder

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Also know as: Biologische Kokosnoot wrap
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: CocoWonder
Code: 480263925652
Content: 91 gr 7 pcs

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Organic coconut wrap from Coco Wonder is ready to eat and use as a wrap for all kinds of raw or cooked food.

Organic Coconut wrap

Coconut wrap is made from fresh coconuts and has the authentic coconut flavor and aroma, is yellowish in color with high fiber content and is gluten-free. Ready to eat and use as a wrap for all kinds of raw or cooked food. Coconut wrap is gluten-free and GMO-free has a low carbohydrate content and contains many high-quality nutrients. Wrap your favorite raw vegetables eg avocado, tomatoes, lettuce or other tasty vegetables, cooked or raw. Also tasty with chicken or smoked salmon. 1 pack contains 7 sheets.

Storage tips

Store at room temperature. Once opened, consume the wraps within 1 to 2 weeks. Close the zip fastener after opening. The wraps are prepared without preservatives or additives. Closing properly is therefore important to prevent stains and discoloration.


Cocowonder specializes in the processing of coconuts into a wide variety of absolute quality products. The company works with groups of farmers in organic farming and sustainability. It has 2 smaller production facilities in the south of Luzon. Cocowonder supports farmers in implementing sustainable-oriented methods in organic farming. This has resulted in a better income for farmers and employment in rural areas.


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