Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Crushed Honey Grahams Crackers 1 kilo M.Y. San

Crushed Honey Grahams Crackers 1 kilo M.Y. San

€ 8,95

Also known as: Crushed Honey Graham Crackers
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: M.Y. San
Code: 750515021372
Content: 1 kilo

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Crushed Honey Grahams from M.Y. San, delicious crushed honey crackers made from Graham flour.

Crushed Honey Grahams Crackers

These crushed crackers are made from a type of wheat wholemeal flour named after an American minister from 1800 Sylvester Graham. At the time, Sylvester Graham was opposed to bleaching and wasting nutrients and believed in the use of natural grains without additives as a raw material for a healthier flour. With the graham flour, the components of the wheat grain are ground separately. This achieves the maximum result in terms of taste and nutrients before the flour is combined. The flour is, therefore, coarser in texture and the flour bakes better and has a good shelf life.


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