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Djinten powder 30 gr Kokki Djawa

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Also know as: Komijn, komijnzaad, djinten, djintan, djienten, jinten, cumin, jintan, Jira, keomin, kumin
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Kokki Djawa
Code: 8710161532730
Content: 30 gr.

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Djinten powder is a ground variant of the cumin seed. An international seasoning that is used worldwide in various cuisines and with different dishes.

Djinten powder

Also known as ground cumin seed. Cumin is related to anise, caraway and fennel. For cumin, only the seeds are used and it is indispensable in the Asian cuisine, with the names Indian cuisine. In the Netherlands, it is also used, but more in the cheese industry. The cumin is a spice that can predominate with too much use and will not be equally appreciated by everyone. Cumin itself is in itself a spice that is used in various cultures in various dishes and can therefore actually be called an international spice.

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