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Dried Banana Blossoms 30 gr Aling Alyssa

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Also know as: Gedroogde Banana Blossom, Fleurs de bananier, bananenblüten
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Aling Alyssa
Code: 4809015960899
Content: 30 gr

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Dried Banana Blossom from Aling Alyssa are a dried variety that is widely used in Asian cuisine.

Dried Banana Blossoms

Dried banana blossoms are often used as a substitute for the lily blossoms. On many plantations, the blossoms are thrown away, while it can actually be used prime and tastes great as a dried variety. The blossoms come from the banana flower, the peel of the banana flower contains a series of stems per layer. These can be removed and dried. There is a lot of confusion on the internet about the banana blossom and the lily buds, they look more or less the same but really come from different plants. The dried banana blossom is used in Philippine cuisine in, among other things, humba or paksiw na pata.

Banana Blossom

The banana blossom is the flower of the banana plant and originates from the Andes mountains of Colombia. The banana flower is a large, dark purple-red flower that grows at the bottom of a bunch of bananas.
The inside of the flower is full of small flowers that normally develop into bananas. The taste of this edible flower is mealy and bitter and is usually used as an addition to a dish.


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