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Dried Squid 100 gr Bdmp

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Also known as:  Dried tiny squid, Getrockneter kleiner tintenfisch, Calmar petit Séché
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: BDMP
Code: 8851035320050
Content:  100 gr


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Dried squid from Bdmp are small dried pintail squids. These are ready to use. Great for frying or stewing in your wok dish

Dried Squid

This squid is completely ready for use. The small caught squids are dried and packed. This product is a frozen product with us, but can actually just be stored in the refrigerator. Small squids are generally more tender than larger ones. Bake, blanch, grill or deep-fry squid as short as possible (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the size / thickness) or simmer for a long time. This product still needs to be prepared.

Sting squid

Pintail is one of the most common type of squid in the kitchen along with the octopus. The pintail has an elongated body with an arrowhead-like shape on one side, and usually 10 tentacles on the other side. The fresh pintail should smell like the sea, but it should not stink. In the past, the pintail squids had to be imported, but nowadays they can also be caught close to home due to the rising sea temperatures.


Deep fry for 6 minutes in hot oil at 160 ° C or cook as an ingredient in your soup.


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