Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Electric Rice Cooker stainless steel RK-6126 Tristar

Electric Rice Cooker stainless steel RK-6126 Tristar

€ 32,95

Ook bekend als: Rice Cooker, Reiskocher, Cuiseur à Riz, Cuociriso Elettrico
Land van herkomst: Europa
Merk: Tristarstar
Code: 8713016009906
Inhoud: 1 ltr. 2-5 personen

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Electric rice cooker stainless steel RK-6126 of Tristar, from now on you will cook the tastiest rice which is ready in no time!

Electric Rice Cooker stainless steel RK-6126

With the RK-6126 Tristar rice cookerfrom now on you will cook the tastiest rice which is ready in no time!. The rice cooker automatically shuts off when the rice is finished and will switch to a warm function with a temperature of 70 à 75 ° c. With this beautifully looking rice cooker with a capacity of 1 liters and rated at 400 Watts you have a beautiful addition to your kitchen. The use of a rice cooker is perfect and easy to use. You just have to put water and rice in the pan and the cooker does the rest. Because of the automatic dry boil protection you don't have to worry any further.

The capacity

The rice cooker has a capacity of 1 litres, this is enough for up to 10 servings of rice. Of course you can also cook less in this pan if desired. This rice cooker is great for large families but also very usefull if you have a party and you want to serve nice warm rice. If you serve rice with this rice cooker, it does not only taste good, it will also look presentable.


The rice cooker has a removable inner pan with a non-stick coating. This ensures that the rice will not stick and makes the pan also easy to clean. Please note that no sharp metal objects can be used when scooping the rice. The non-stick coating could be damaged. For scooping the rice please use the plastic spoon included in this box.

Content and description

  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Volume : 1 l.
  • Inner pan with non-stick coating
  • Removable inner pan
  • Keep warm function
  • Boil dry protection
  • Spoon, measuring cup and Spatula
  • Anti Slip Feet
  • Power indication light
  • power 400 watt