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Fresh Philippine Mango


Fresh Philippine Mango
Country of origin: Philippines
Content: P.Pc.

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Pre-Order: Fresh Philippine Mango

Soon the fresh Philippine mango will return to our assortment! You can pre-order them here. Once the mangoes arrive, you will receive a notification. Please pick up your mangoes at our office after making an appointment.

The Philippine Mango

A Philippine mango is smaller than you’re probably used to. It has yellow skin and has a slightly oval shape. The best part is that the Philippine mango is the sweetest in the world. Delicious! Filipinos actually eat the mango both green and ripe (yellow). Do you enjoy a slightly sour taste, then eat the mango when it’s still a little green. If you like sweet tastes, the yellow, ripe mango will be delicious for you.

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Weight 1.070 kg