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Garlic Powder 30 gr Kokki Djawa

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Also know as: Knoflook poeder
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Kokki Djawa
Code: 8710161532778
Content: 30 gr.

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Garlic powder is a ground dried variety on the garlic that most people also use fresh. Very nice to mix with flour or breadcrumbs.

Garlic powder

Garlic is naturally a very common ingredient in today's kitchen. This powder version is easy to use and gives just that little bit of garlic flavor to your dish that you might need. The powder version is exceptionally well suited to mix with flour or breadcrumbs and that gives your dish that extra something


Garlic among others belongs to the same family of onions, leeks and chives. Garlic, like the onion and chives, is a bulbous plant. Garlic can be pressed, powdered or baked. Garlic is a herb with a penetrating taste and smell which is usually used fresh in France and Italy. The fried and fried variety is widely used in various dishes in Asian cuisine.

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