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Ginger Drink 1 ltr Happi Life

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Also known as: Gember drank
Country of origin: Ghana
Brand: Happi Life
Code: 6036000065903
Content: 1 ltr

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Happy Life ginger drink is a concentrated ginger drink that you can make according to your own ideas.

Ginger Drink

This ginger drink is a sweetened concentrated ginger drink that you can use to make your own ginger drink. Can also be enjoyed in combination with ice cubes, for example. Shake this ginger drink well before mixing it, so that the ginger residue can mix well with the concentrate.


Fresh ginger has different shapes and is a true root-like. The ginger is an ingredient that can be used in various ways. Fresh ginger is often first peeled and then cut. The structure can be stringy so pay attention to that when cutting. Ginger has a fresh sharp citrus-like taste and is also eaten as a candy or in syrup in addition to cooking. Nowadays there are also various drinks available such as concentrated ginger syrup or ginger beer.

How to use:

  • Dilute to taste with water or soft drink


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