Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Green Pigeon Peas 425 gr Valle Del Sole

Green Pigeon Peas 425 gr Valle Del Sole

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Ook bekend als: Green Pigeon Peas, Pois Pigeon Vert, Grüne Straucherbsen, fagioli Pigeon, Cajanus, cajan
Land van herkomst: Europa
Merk: Valle Del Solle
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Inhoud: 425 gr
Uitlekgewicht: 270 gr

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 Green pigeon peas from Valle Del Sole are a small species of garden peas but then a tropical variety that is preserved on water and salt.

Green Pigeon Peas

These pigeon peas are a tropical surprise. The peas are slightly sweet and sharp in taste. The structure is firm and milky. The name pigeon peas come from the fact that these peas they miss raw are bright green in color, but once cooked they have the color of pigeon eggs. This pea is also called Cajanus or Cajan and is a multi-year legume. The origin of this pea is as it appears in Central Africa.

The pigeon pea is widely used in the following kitchens:

African cuisine
Caribbean cuisine
Indian cuisine


The Cajunus is a multi-year legume, with the highest yield being in the 1st year. The legume grows on a bush that can grow up to 4 meters high and is deeply rooted making it very suitable for dry climates. When the bush starts to bloom, a yellow butterfly flower develops where hairy pods grow that can contain up to 8 seeds.


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