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Guava Juice Nectar 250 ml Philippine Brand

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Also known as: Guava Juice nectar, Nectar de jus de Goyave
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Philippine Brand
Code: 716221050402
Content: 250 ml (8.4 fl Oz)

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Guava Nectar drink from Philippine Brand is a tasty fruit drink that revives the summer and oriental feelings in you.

Guava Juice Nectar

Guava nectar drink from Philippine Brand is a fresh fruity fruit drink from the Philippines. Tasty and tropical. You don't come across the Guava fruit as often as fruit in various drinks, but it doesn't taste any less. Again a delicious addition to the range that also includes Calamans, coconut, guyabano and mango nectar as a drink in the range.


Also known as Guava, it is an apple or pear-shaped fruit with a smooth, squatable skin that is light green to soft yellow in color. The light green to red flesh contains sharp seeds. Ripe fruits give off a pungent scent and are easy to press with the fingers. The taste of the flesh is sweet-sour with a very special strong aroma. The countries where the fresh guava usually comes from are Thailand, Central America, South America, Egypt, Africa. The fresh fruits can be eaten raw. Guavas can also be used in a fruit salad, compote or coulis.


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