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Gulaman Pandan 95 gr Sarap Pinoy

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Also known as: Gulaman Pandan Flavor Gezoet
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Sarap Pinoy
Code: 4800552105354
Content: 95 gr (3.35 Oz)

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Gulaman Pandan of Sarap Pinoy is a easy to make jelly powder with a delicious pandan flavor.

Gulaman Pandan

Gulaman is a dessert from the Philippine cuisine. Mostly referred to the bars of dried seaweed used to make jellies or flan. Agar agar is the other name and made of precessed seaweed dehydrated and formed into long dry bars. The Gulaman jelly is used in various Filipino refreshments or desserts such as sago at gulamn, buko pandan, agar flan, halo-halo, different varieties of Filipino fruit salads. The package contains jelly powder completely with sugar and pandan flavor

Differences between gelatine and gulaman

The term gelatine and gulaman are use synonymously in the philippines, although they are very different products. While gelatine is a protein made from bones, gulaman is a plant-derived carbohydrate made from seaweed. This distinction makes gulaman suitable for thos who may not eat gelatine for religious or cultural reasons, such as muslims. Another big difference between those two is that Gelatine dissolves in hot water but boiling water is necessary to dissolve gulaman. Unlike gelatine which sets at refrigerator temperature, gulaman sets at room temperature


  • Dissolve contents of pouch in 2 cups of water (amount of water can be reduced for a firmer gulaman)
  • Bring to boil while stirring constantly
  • Pour into a mold
  • Cool to set


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