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Hand and body lotion 474 ml Razac

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Also known as: Razac Hand & Body Lotion, Razac Hand Creme, Razac Body Lotion
Country of origin: America (USA)
Brand: Razac
Code: 046915412347
Content: 474 ml (16 fl. Oz)


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Hand and body lotion from Razac is a moisturizing lotion for hands and body.

Hand and body lotion

This moisturizing lotion from Razac contains a rich formula that instantly transforms the skin without feeling sticky. Razac Hand & Body is not only a good moisturizer, but also protects sensitive skin against the effects of the weather. Apply the product to dry skin. Good in massaging for a beautiful, soft skin. So if you are looking for a moisturizing, protective cream that is not greasy and does not stick, then choose the American brand Razac.


Razac has been at the forefront of hair care for over 30 years. Both hair salons and individuals use Razac's products, initially aimed primarily at African-American hair care. In addition to various hair products, the American brand now also offers its cream for hands and body. Successfully! Enthusiasts particularly like the lotion's fresh scent, which subtly compliments the natural body scent.


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