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Iki Beer Tastea Discovery Set

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Also known as: Iki Beer Tastea Discovery Set
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Iki Beer Tastea Discovery Set is a beer package with a free glass. Brewed with green tea

Iki Beer Tastea Discovery Set

Taste the different flavors of iKi beer in 1 package. Nice to give as a gift, but also nice to receive. iKi Beer is a fusion beer with a unique recipe and vision. iKi Beer mixes Asian ingredients with European craftsmanship.
iKi Beer is the best of these two worlds. iKi Beer is tasteful and stands for enjoyment and relaxation. Literally iKi means 'positive life' and is the crowning of that ideal

Origin of iKi

A Dutch beer lover lived in the Tenri-kyo monastery in Japan for three years. He came back to Europe with a lot of wisdom and the idea for iKi Beer. That is why you can taste the touch of Zen in the flavors of iKi that fits so well with this time

iKi Yuzu

The first flavour ever of iKi is brewed with fresh Sencha tea leaves and the Asian citrus fruit Yuzu. Characteristics of this delicious iKi combination is the fresh light taste of the beer.

It fills your mouth with a clear umami flavour, followed by an aftertaste that tantalizes the palate leaving you wanting more. Yuzu is an Asian fruit which cannot be compared to any other fruit, it is the only fruit that can resist extremely cold temperatures. It stands out because of its lovely fragrance. You could say it is unique like iKi. With this first flavour iKi Beer won in 2007 an innovation award. The jury’s verdict 'great body and taste'.

It's easy to understand why Sencha is such a favorite beverage in Japan, not only for those seeking to quench a thirst, but also for those wanting to sip on something extra special. iKi Yuzu's taste can be typed like the flavour of summer: refreshing, light, smooth and energetic. Well appreciated as aperitif. It goes well with chicken, sushi, pasta and sauerkraut.

Bottle 33 cl, 4.2 % alcohol, best served on 3 - 5 degrees.

iKi Ginger

The second variant of iKi is brewed with fresh Sencha tea leaves and Ginger. iKi Ginger is an amber colored beer with a rich crispy taste. Take a quiet moment and enjoy the taste and relax. The slight tingling caused by the ginger makes a crisp and a refreshing twist. It typically combines well with meat or goose liver. However in India and China ginger is often used with curries and fish.

The presence of ginger in iKi can be refreshing as well. An interesting flavour as its usage differs depending on the area you live in. Well known in Europe is the ginger bread, but in China, ginger often used in vegetarian dishes, curries and other combinations.

Bottle 33 cl, 5.5 % alcohol, best served on 6 - 8 degrees.

iKi Raz el Hanout

Combining western brewing style with original eastern ingredients an unique herbal blend according to an old recipe with fresh Sencha green tea is being brewed by iKi Beer. A surprisingly fresh spicy taste. We encounter in world cuisines big differences in the use of herbs. We would like to invite you to experience this iKi flavour, which can also be perfectly combined with wild, lamb dishes, chicken, couscous or stews as tajine.

Bottle 33cl, 4.5 % alcohol, best served on 5 - 8 degrees.

iKi Pepper

Connecting different experiences of the world with each other led to this new flavour that is brewed with fresh Sencha green tea and we added the original Sichuan pepper during brewing. The capital of Sichuan, Chengdu, is considered a gastronomic metropolis. We would like to invite you to take a spicy experience with iKi Pepper Beer, which combines well with fish, chicken, duck or tofu.

Bottle 33cl, 4,5% alcohol, best served on 5 – 8 degrees

iKi Zero

This iKi beer contains 0% alcohol, which is why we call it zero. This beer is brewed with Sencha green tea and ginger. An amber colored beer. Ginger gives the beer a full rich an firm taste. Combines well with food but also as an aperitif with peanuts, some cheese or bitterbal (Dutch meat-based savoury snack).

Bottle 33cl, 0% alcohol, best served on 5 - 8 degrees.


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