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Japanese knifes 1 set Satake cutlery

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Also know as: Japanese knife Satake set
Country of origin: Japan
Satake cutlery
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Content: 1 set

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Japanese knives, a nice set of 2 Japanese knives. 1 all-rounder the Santoku and 1 vegetable knife the Nakiri

Japanese knifes 1 set

This set consists of 2 knives. The Santoku and the Nakiri. Perfect for fine carving in your kitchen.

Santoku knife

The Santoku knife is a typical Japanese knife that is frequently used in the kitchen. This knife is nicknamed "the three virtues", due to its versatility that it can be used for. With this knife, you can cut fine thin slices, beautiful brunoise blocks, or very fine small cuts. The knife differs slightly from the French chef's knife. Where the French variant is straight at the top and the cutting edge is rounded upwards, this Japanese knife is just the top bending downwards and the cutting part slightly bending. Due to the slightly deflecting cutting section, it is also possible to cut in the typical French cutting manner.

Format: (approx.)

Length of entire knife: 29 cm
Length cutting section: 17 cm
Handle: 12 cm Ø 2 x 2.5 cm

Nakiri knife

This knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. A Nakiri knife can be recognized by a rectangular cutting blade. The tip of the knife is angled and is perfect for cutting very thinly. This knife should not be confused with a cleaver. The knife is not suitable for this and will certainly be damaged.

Format: (approx.)

Length of entire knife: 30 cm
Length cutting section: 17.5 cm
Handle: 12 cm Ø 2 x 2.5 cm


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